Musical Discovery: ‘Coming Home’ by Busted

Last week came the reunion that everybody wanted. Busted are back and with that came a new track, Coming Home. However, the band’s change in direction has both delighted and disappointed fans.

If you want to know whether I’m disappointed, then yes, I am. After 12 years, it seems as though Busted have been faced with a dilemma: go back to the typical rock fans know and love but stick out like a sore thumb in the industry, or try something new in order to fit in. In this case, they tried the latter, and they failed.

First of all, there’s the unnecessary swearing. Granted, the hyperactive eight-year-olds who loved songs like Air Hostess and Year 3000 have grown up now and don’t mind swear words in songs, but not when they’re placed there solely to fit into a genre they don’t belong in.

The start of the song takes me by surprise when I realised it was supposed to be Busted. Whilst I do like the melody in the verses, it’s a rather dull start to a track. For me, the only thing which catches my attention is the simple but memorable guitar riff in the chorus – otherwise, the rest of the song is pretty much forgettable.

If you’re still looking for echoes of ‘the old Busted’, then you may like it towards the end of the song, where it starts to slide into a more rock style. However, for a lot of fans, it’ll be too little, too late in terms of the whole song.

Personally, I’m a bit torn as to whether I like Coming Home. I do like the sombre style – to an extent – and the guitar riff, but the desperate attempts for Busted to ‘fit in’ does put me off. However, speaking of the catchy guitar melody, I know it won’t be long before it’s stuck in my head and I’m playing it constantly – dammit.

Coming Home is a decent track, but let’s go back to the old Busted, OK?

What do you think of Coming Home? Do you like the new style? Was it worth the wait? Comment below!



2 thoughts on “Musical Discovery: ‘Coming Home’ by Busted

  1. NOOOO! Busted what have you done!!?? I saw Busted in your title and immediately thought of Year 3000. I loved that song haha. I don’t even know what to say now. I’m disappointed. I don’t like this song. It’s just not them. Go back to rock guys!

    xx Izzy | Qthee

    Liked by 1 person

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