Musical Discovery: ‘All I Wanna Do’ by Martin Jensen

This week’s Musical Discovery is something I’ve been waiting for a while now. For those new to Martin Jensen’s style of remixing, the DJ often takes viral videos and turns them into tropical or deep house melodies, which he then uploads to Facebook. In this instance, the main melody comes from a Minion toy. With the ability to turn almost any video into a club hit, this artist is someone to keep an eye on. Today’s track is All I Wanna Do by Martin Jensen.

First of all, the style of the verses fit perfectly with the underlying instruments. This is in contrast to Jensen’s previous release, Miracles, which saw impassioned, repeated vocals from Bjørnskov on a track which probably deserved a more sombre and quiet voice. Finally, in All I Wanna Do, Martin Jensen gets the balance right between the buzzing euphoria in the chorus and the laid-back vocals in the verses. The track has its progressions – such as the bridge – which makes the song alternate between these two styles with ease. It’s this ability to build up the euphoria on a tropical dance track which makes Kygo stand out in the genre. Now, Martin Jensen is one to look out for.

Whilst the chorus’ lyrics are simplistic, it really does build up to the tropical house drop. The uncredited vocals are soft and chilled and as I have said before, I’ve always loved songs with pronounced chords – be it from a piano or a synthesiser – and with this track having an off-beat tropical rhythm, this uplifting, feel-good house is right up my street.

All I Wanna Do is out now on UK iTunes and Spotify.

What do you think of All I Wanna Do? Comment below!



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