Musical Discovery: ‘Closer’ by Elephante feat. Bishøp

It feels like only last week when I was reviewing another Elephante song. Last time it was Temporary Love x Walking on a Dream, which I wrote about on the 7th March. Therefore, it’s fair to say that Elephante is amazing for releasing amazing music regularly and all for free. Today, Closer feat. Bishop is this week’s Musical Discovery!

To begin with, I definitely saw some vocal and instrumental styles typical of the electronic genre. Bishøp’s voice is soft and relaxing, which reminded me of Kaskade’s vocals in Deadmau5’s track, I Remember. It’s a style which is common in today’s dance scene and it makes a calm change from hardcore club anthems.

However, that is not to say that this song doesn’t have its own uplifting synth melody in the chorus. When you compare it to his other tracks like Age of Innocence and I Want You, the style of electronica is different. This time, the hard, poppy tunes are replaced with a fuzzy sound, which adds to the idea that this track is perhaps a bit more laid-back than his other releases.

In all honesty, that’s fine by me – Closer makes for a calming, feel-good song to listen to in your spare time. It’s a wonderful change from a string of hardcore dance anthems from the DJ. As we saw with Black Ivory, it’s great to see Elephante explore and bring us new and exciting music.

What do you think of Closer? Comment below!



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