Weekly Update: Calendars and To-Do Lists

This past seven days have been one of those weeks where it all flies by. It’s Sunday and Monday feels like a distant memory. It was a busy week full of exciting opportunities, which is why this post is titled ‘Calendars and To-Do Lists’. Much like last week’s post, whilst I look back at the past seven days in this post, the opportunities that have come up this week make me very excited for the future.

One of the main bits of exciting news this week was something I wrote about on the blog on Friday. If you didn’t read this week’s Friday Article, then that news is that one of my blog posts (this one) has been nominated under the ‘Blogger/Vlogger’ category at the Midlands Student Media Awards 2016! This then means that I will – hopefully – be going to an awards ceremony in Birmingham in April, where I find out who won in that category. It’s very exciting news indeed!

There’s also some other exciting news, but it’s still yet to be confirmed so I’ll be keeping that to myself for now (sorry). But, other than that, it’s now a matter of getting the final university assignments sorted. I think it’s similar to A-Levels, where I have the final few tasks left before a big summer break. Now, it’s the same for my degree. I have the final few tasks to do and then I am done for the academic year. This is one of the main things motivating me now, and fingers crossed I can get all my work done as soon as possible!

How was your week? What did you get up to? Comment below!



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