Writing Update: Where Do I Stand?

It’s a shame to say that I’ve lost my enthusiasm for fiction writing whilst being at university. Numerous assignments and deadlines take up most of my time and even when I have spare time, I have to consider whether I’ll have enough time to do what I want to do. In this case, finding the time to plan or write a novel is just impossible. For that reason, my passion for creative writing has dwindled over the past few months.

However, I haven’t given up completely. If you’ve read previous Writing Updates, you’ll know that I have a tendency to abandon novel ideas. But, for a long time, there has been one variation of an idea which just won’t go away. The only issue I have now is how I will go about explaining it – and from what angle.

Without wanting to give too much away (I am quite protective of my ideas) – the concept I have in mind involves a lot of explaining to do. It’s not dystopian as such, but I think it’s worth asking any fellow writers out there (dystopian authors in particular) how they explain a new universe. If you have any tips, please do get in touch!

Meanwhile, I now have two weeks off from university, and then I will have a few months off for summer later this year. Hopefully, by the end of the two weeks, I will have a fully-drafted idea, ready for me to write in May.

As always, I shall keep you posted…



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