Weekly Update: Prioritisation and Looking Forward

With only a few months left before the end of my first year of university (it really has flown by), things have been getting rather busy this week. For that reason, this week’s Weekly Update promises nothing too exciting. Instead, I only have to say that student life has been rather exciting lately.

On Wednesday this week, I was made news editor and put in charge of a group of online, radio and TV journalists. For the three hours I spent in the ‘Multi-Platform News Production’ workshop, I was responsible for making sure that a collection of bulletins went out on time. As someone who has never been put in a position of power/authority often, it was a little nerve-wracking but exciting too – of course!

Aside from that, I have countless assignments and exams to prepare for before the year ends in May. So once again, it comes down to a matter of prioritising my workload. Thankfully, I’m just about managing to organise my time and get everything organised.

One of the main things which motivates me to get work done is looking forward to the months ahead. As well as the massive summer break I will get, I also have a few events lined up. I also may finally be able to get back into reading and writing, which I cannot wait to get back into.

Then there’s second year and what I modules I will be studying. All being well, it should be ethics, radio and online journalism. As you may know, I already host my own radio show on Siren FM and so I cannot wait to continue learning more about radio. I think ethics is a key issue for journalists today and online journalism is where the industry seems to be shifting towards at the moment, so it all sounds really interesting – I cannot wait!

Listen to this week’s episode of Brunchtime:

How was your week? What did you get up to? Comment below!



2 thoughts on “Weekly Update: Prioritisation and Looking Forward

    • Oh yes, it is rather worrying! I have a politics exam in May which we’re studying for now – the content is very heavy!

      I did, thanks! I hope you did, too.

      Thanks for commenting!


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