More people need to be aware of IPSA | The Friday Article

Earlier this week, it was confirmed that MPs would receive a 10% pay rise, whilst public sector would only see their pay increase by 1%. However, it seems that more people are unaware of the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority’s (IPSA) involvement.

Houses of Parliament
A new pay rise of 10% for MPs has been confirmed by IPSA, not the government. Photo source: Andrew Skudder on Flickr. Licensed under Creative Commons –

IPSA, created in 2009, is responsible for setting MPs wages, which is set to rise to over £74,000. But after the news was announced, some members of the public seemed to think that the government sets the figure for Members of Parliament.

Whilst this is not true, the government is responsible for public sector pay and the 1% increase as mentioned previously.

With the difference in the pay rises for MPs and public sector workers being quite substantial, people are disappointed that doctors, nurses and more are not receiving a higher pay rise.

After this week’s news, I think IPSA’s role when it comes to MPs’ pay and expenses needs to be promoted more. Their website has information which members of the public would certainly find interesting, and it may end the misconception that Members of Parliament set their own pay.

Do you know about IPSA? What do you think about the two announced pay rises? Comment below!


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