Weekly Update: Decisions, Decisions…

With university life being very hectic indeed, I’ve often been in a state where I have to expect the unexpected each day, and prepare for future assignments, tasks and so forth. Now, I’m getting used to the everyday routine of a first year journalism student, but most of all I need to look ahead and decide what I’m doing next year.

On Wednesday this week, we were told to start considering our options for level two of our journalism course. For me, choice or options in education are always great, as they – of course – allow me to concentrate on subjects I’m good at or enjoy. Very much like how the journey from GCSEs to a degree leads to the teaching being more specific to your career, these second year options provide a similar freedom and hones in on what I want to do in the future.

So, I have to choose between three subjects for my ‘theory’ topic. These include reporting diversity, ethics and ‘The Origins of Modern Britain’. At the moment, I think I will probably study ethics, but diversity is a very close second.

Then I have to consider two ‘production’ topics, which would be either radio, TV, online or newspaper and magazines. Straight away, I decided that I often found TV difficult and didn’t enjoy it, whilst I thoroughly enjoyed radio. As it stands, radio is my first choice, but I am still unsure about the other option.

Regardless of being undecided still, I’m looking forward to studying my options next year. I shall keep you posted and will let you know when I’ve decided.

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