Musical Discovery: ‘The Sound’ by The 1975

A few weeks ago, I played this track on my radio show on Siren FM. I remember liking it but I didn’t review it for a Musical Discovery. It was only after a friend suggested it to me that I decided to review it this week.

Admittedly, I’m not so keen on The 1975’s style, but The Sound is the closest to their original style. It begins with a chant-like opening, and throughout there are driving piano stabs (which, if you’ve been reading these posts for a while, you’ll know I love those in a song). Once again, Matt’s whining vocals make the song euphoric and uplifting. The verse style fits perfectly with the instruments to create a poppy anthem.

Finally, I have to admire the instrumental solo towards the end of the track. Once again, the piano stabs remain, but screeching guitar riffs play alongside them and make it a perfect track to dance along to. Whilst I don’t like their new style, this is a song I’ll definitely be listening to again.

What do you think of The Sound? Comment below!



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