Musical Discovery: ‘It Gets Cold’ by Eliza and the Bear

It was a while back that I first heard this song on the radio. If I remember rightly, it was on my journey up to Lincolnshire for the next semester of university. I had previously heard Friends by Eliza and the Bear when I noticed it on a recent Bulmers advert. But now, It Gets Cold is this week’s Musical Discovery.

Despite the song’s title, It Gets Cold begins with an upbeat guitar melody which belongs more on a summery, The 1975-style track. Although, that certainly isn’t a bad thing and – combined with lead singer James Kellegher’s chanting vocals – it makes the perfect feel-good song. Similarly, and very much like Friends, the drum beat is strong in It Gets Cold, only adding to the sense that this song is a brilliant, euphoric anthem. Then, finally, towards the end of the song, there’s a massive rock instrumental break, before ending on a chant-like verse. On the whole, Eliza and the Bear really do have a way of creating atmospheric and emotional songs.

What do you think of It Gets Cold? Comment below!



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