Weekly Update: A Week of Inspiration

On Tuesday, Ann Cleeves – known for creating the famous fictional detective, Vera Stanhope – visited the University of Lincoln to give a Great Minds lecture.

Before that, I was able to watch most of Vera on ITV on the Monday. Judging by Brenda Blethlyn’s portrayal of the detective, I was intrigued by how witty and powerful a character she is. With that in mind, I was curious to find out more in the lecture.

In the lecture itself, Ann talked about where her ideas came from, how she came to create the character of Vera, and why libraries are so important.

When it comes to writing, I’ve always found that meeting fellow writers leaves me feeling inspired – it’s like creativity is infectious…

Then, on Wednesday, the university held a Working Alumni Conference, where previous graduates returned to Lincoln to talk about their jobs in the industry.

Very much like the Ann Cleeves guest lecture, I left the conference inspired. Talking to people who are experienced in your interests allows you to share tips, make contacts and consider new opportunities and ideas.

Lastly, the Parliamentary Outreach Team visited the university on Friday to talk about government and parliament. Over the past year, my interest in politics has increased massively. One thing I learnt in particular is how I can get involved. I may just visit Parliament again one day.

Listen to the latest episode of Brunchtime:

On the whole, it was a very inspiring week. How was your week? Comment below!



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