Breaking into the US music scene | A Guest Post by Meghan from GotMeghan

Liam and I were discussing about what we were going to talk about to collaborate on our blogs, we’re both obviously into music. That’s how I found him in the first place because he wrote posts about different musical acts that he found interesting and whatnot. He made the suggestion about talking about how difficult it is for musicians to cross over the border and make it on US soil too. So we decided that I should write mine about that. I know we agreed on only talking about artists and bands from the UK, but I kept thinking about it, I remembered a few bands and a total genre that would kind of fit into this post, so I hope he doesn’t mind the slight change there.

I’m an American who loves a lot of different music. So you may not recognize a few of these bands at first, but I’m hoping after reading you’ll a little bit more open to add them to your playlists.

Why is it so difficult for foreign bands to get their music played here?

Honestly, it’s not necessarily the radio stations fault that they don’t play the music, it’s the audience. We’re the ones that request the songs. The DJs might premiere the tracks and they might play their favorites, but it’s mostly us choosing what we want to hear in the car, at home, etc. It also has a lot to do with other bands and how they’re creating music in the same genre too. You’ve got Bring Me The Horizon that have turned their “normal’ on its head a bit, made it with less screaming and more electronica and lyrical. A lot of people like it, but some people don’t like change, especially hardcore metalheads.

The band Amaranthe is a melodic deathcore band from Denmark-Sweden. The group consists of six members, they have three vocalists. Elize Ryd and Jake E both provide the clean vocals while Henrik does the screams in the songs. I feel like Amaranthe bring a very interesting sound to what you normally think of modern rock music; every song has a different vibe and kind of motivates you to get through the hour. The band released their first album in 2011 and they’re just now getting some hype! When their most recent album “Massive Addictive” came out early last year, two of their singles made it to the US on Sirius XM channel Octane and their Big Uns Top 10 countdown. It was a nice change and so good for a fans like myself, who’s been seeing their power for the last three years (I was a late bloomer!). I couldn’t hold my excitement for them when they were finally getting the chance for their music to be heard on a big radio station all over North America.

Something that this station does that not a lot do, even local stations don’t do, is they have special times where they play different international music. I hear music from Japan and Brazil. Countries that I’m not familiar with at all. I didn’t know that Japan has a big metal scene there! I’ve found quite a few bands recently from there that I’m adding to my posts in the summer. We just assume great rock and roll is from the US, Canada, and Britian, when it can be from anywhere and people need to stop being so close minded because they are missing out on some crazy, but awesome stuff from these lesser known countries.

I’ve seen quite a few bands make the switch, they want to experiment. Since more and more bands are fine with this, the fans are hearing the different sound and if they like it or not. Who says heavy metal should be the traditional: heavy, thrash and punk? Have you ever heard of symphonic metal before? It’s a mix of heavy metal elements mixed in with choirs, symphonies, and the operatic vocals. In the US, it is not a popular subgenre. It’s more popular in Eastern Europe, mostly The Netherlands. At least that’s mostly where I’ve found the most bands to be from, like Within Temptation and Epica. They both have a very specific sound, they’re fun and unique! Which is makes music in general worthwhile.

However, I feel bad for all of the symphonic metal bands in the US trying to make themselves known, since this subgenre is still not popular here. What is interesting though, there is one band from Florida that is very popular overseas than it is here. Not saying, they (or any of the foreign bands) don’t have any loyal fans in the US at all, but it’s not the amount of their crowds in say Russia. Different genres work better in certain areas than they do here and that’s so sad because that means nobody’s open for new stuff as they think. If you are looking for new music, I dare you to listen to some of the bands I’ve shared inside this post. Just close your eyes and see what happens. 

Tell me your thoughts of Amaranthe or symphonic metal as a whole down below!

P.S. Thanks to Meghan for writing this guest post for my blog. If you would like to write something for me, feel free to get in touch via. the Contact page. In the meantime, please do stop by Meghan’s blog, and do say hello to her on Facebook and Twitter, too!


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