Musical Discovery: RAC

Towards the end of 2015, I noticed a music video ‘promoted’ on Facebook. I was intrigued – keen as always to find new music – and noticed that it was from RAC. It was a teaser for his new single, Magic Hour, which was to be released on Christmas Day. Whilst waiting, I decided to look at his other music. It’s since grown on me and RAC is this week’s Musical Discovery.


Hollywood feat. Penguin Prison

I’ve always said that I instantly like a song if it has sharp piano stabs anywhere in the song. In Hollywood, this appears in the chorus and combines with upbeat vocals by Penguin Prison, bouncy guitar riffs and a simplistic drum beat. Also, if you’ve read some of my previous Musical Discovery posts, you may have noticed that Elephante remixed Penguin Prison’s Calling Out, which shared this pop-funk feel. This is without a doubt my favourite song by RAC so far and I have a feeling that Penguin Prison may become a future Musical Discovery.


Let Go feat. Kele & MNDR

After noticing that Kele featured on this single, I knew it would be interesting. I recently heard his vocals on Sub Focus’ euphoric track, Turn it Around, and decided to give it a listen. Immediately, I was drawn to the funky bass riff that continues throughout the song. However, whilst some may see it as being repetitive, the vocals certainly make it an interesting listen – as well as a drum beat which becomes more complex at certain points of the song.

Whilst it may have lacked the electronic style of other singles, the song’s still got something memorable about it which means people will still give it another listen.


Cheap Sunglasses feat. Matthew Koma

Much like Let Go had one single bass riff running throughout the song, the marimba-style synth melody in this track is what really stands out. It’s how this merges with Koma’s vocals, a subtle bass riff and off-beat drum rhythm which makes Cheap Sunglasses a tropical house single perfect for summer months.


Back of the Car feat. Nate Henricks

It was the title of the song which drew me to this single. Immediately, I had thoughts of it being reflective of summer months, where you would be driving along American highways listening to country music in a rusty old jeep. When Back of the Car started with a mellow guitar riff – which would develop to be one of the main instruments on the track – I knew that would the case.

Admittedly, I was thrown off by the bizarre verse structure, but that certainly makes the song unique. The chorus, of course, just repeats the words: We’re living out the back of the car, shouted in quite an upbeat manner by Nate Henricks. Perhaps this was intended, to capture the euphoria of summer?


Overall, I think RAC may be big this year. But what do you think of RAC’s music? Which is your favourite track? Comment below!



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