Weekly Update: Where do I begin?

First of all, I should apologise for the lack of Weekly Update posts in 2015. I managed to write more of them towards the end of the year, but at some points I wrote about something else and tried to shoehorn it under a Weekly Update

Why? Probably because there were weeks where nothing happened, or I was busy with university work. Either way, I didn’t post a Weekly Update – nobody wants to read about a week which was uneventful, right?

This also lead to me questioning what sort of things I should write about in a Weekly Update. Was it really just a post about what’s been happening in my life lately? What could I write about if this week was exactly the same as last week? That was the problem.

This problem has been on my mind for a while now. Whilst Mondays have – and always will be – Musical Discovery posts (because I never run out of new music to find, and so many of you like reading them), Wednesdays have no theme whatsoever (although I’ve kind of liked that) and Fridays used to be The Friday Article if I didn’t run out of ideas. Essentially, finding the content has been an issue.

However, chances are that it was because the year was coming to a close. Towards December my commitments were put on pause whilst I celebrated Christmas and the New Year. So maybe that was why?

Nevertheless, I can only hope with the New Year that I’ll have more to talk about in Weekly Updates. I already have a few exciting things planned – which I won’t mention just yet because of spoilers!

But aside from life updates being posted on Sunday, back when I was writing a book I also used Sundays to post Writing Updates. Now that I have set myself a New Year’s target to finish writing a book this year, hopefully that series will be up and running.

If you were looking for a normal Weekly Update post, then I suppose I should say that I passed my driving test this week, I had the highest amount of views on my blog ever (over 300 – thank you so much!) and had a wonderful time celebrating New Year’s with friends. How was your New Year’s Eve?

Sorry for the long post, but I suppose I had to ask myself this question as we start the new year: where do I begin?



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