Musical Discovery: My Favourite Christmas Song

For today’s Musical Discovery, I thought I would try something a little different. Since it is not long before Christmas is upon us, I decided I would talk about my favourite festive jingle – which is one not many people have heard of…

For those who don’t know, this is In Dulci Jubilo by Mike Oldfield. As for when I first stumbled across this track, it was probably during a Christmas dinner a few years ago. In amongst the playlist consisting of songs such as Fairytale of New York and All I Want for Christmas is You, there was this song. Despite its surprising lack of vocals, In Dulci Jubilo‘s upbeat, simplistic melody makes it the perfect, memorable Christmas track.

However, whenever I have explained this to friends and family, they aren’t as keen on the song as I am…

What do you think? Comment below!



2 thoughts on “Musical Discovery: My Favourite Christmas Song

  1. It’s a very interesting song, to say the least haha. But there is something about it that makes me think of Christmas. I’ve never heard it before now, but it’s high key and upbeat rhythm seems as though I’ve heard it prior. Regardless, I’ll definitely be blasting this at my next Christmas party 😉

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