Musical Discovery: A Great Weekend for Music

With Fridays now being the day of the week for new music, you can expect numerous tracks being released at once. Last week, we had three great songs from the likes of Sigala, Kygo and of course, the new album by Coldplay. So, to try something different for this week’s post, I’ll be reviewing all of these releases for today’s Musical Discovery.

Sweet Lovin’ by Sigala

After the hugely successful Easy Love, Sigala is back with his second single called Sweet Lovin’.

Once again, Sigala brings us a track with sharp, upbeat piano stabs and soulful vocals which makes his songs unique. But this time, the DJ explores a new synth melody which is creative and catchy.

Sweet Lovin’ is a great follow-up single and another feel-good track from the artist.

Stay by Kygo feat, Maty Noyes

Ever since I first came across Kygo, I’ve brought every single he’s released. When I saw the short teaser video for his new track, Stay, I knew I had to buy it.

Throughout the track, Kygo’s style remains the same. The melody and rhythm stay simple in the verses before developing into tropical house in the chorus.

However, whilst the structure of the song is the same as his previous singles, the melody itself has a more atmospheric feel. As well as that, Maty Noyes’ vocals boast a talent that is completely different to other artists who have collaborated with Kygo.

Overall, it’s another great release by the DJ. Also, now that he has announced his album release date on social media, I look forward to hearing it when it comes out in February.

A Head Full of Dreams by Coldplay

Also released last week was Coldplay’s A Head Full of Dreams, which is believed to be the band’s last album release.

Whilst I am yet to listen to the whole album in full, what strikes me about A Head Full of Dreams is how euphoric each track is. Coldplay’s previous release, Ghost Stories, was a more sad and mellow album, but their latest release is certainly upbeat in style.

As with every new album from the band, people are quick to comment that they miss ‘the old Coldplay’. For me, I’m supportive of bands who want to try new genres. However, if by ‘old Coldplay’ you mean tracks like Yellow or The Scientist, then you may like Everglow, which contains emotional vocals and a calm piano melody.

As well as that, most songs on the album contain groovy bass riffs which suggest the album’s style is that of pop-funk. For example, Adventure of a Lifetime’s catchy guitar melody and underlying bass rhythm makes the funk track a standout song on the album. This style also occurs on the first track, A Head Full of Dreams.

As well as this, I noticed that Up&Up had moments where it felt like a ’90s boyband single. However, another thing I did like about the album was the atmospheric Kaleidoscope and Colour Spectrum – which are the perfect, relaxing interludes on the album.

If this is to be the last release from Colplay, then A Head Full of Dreams is a great way to end their music career. With songs such as Everglow paying homage to ‘the old Coldplay’ and Adventure of a Lifetime demonstrating a new genre for the band, this album is definitely the euphoric style needed to end Coldplay’s career on a high.

Have you listened to any of these? What did you think? Comment below!



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