Review: Sarabec Telephone Amplifier

As part of my journalism course, I have to conduct a lot of interviews for my articles. If these are not face-to-face, then I can do a telephone interview instead. 

However, with the telephone in the studio using a landline phone, it doesn’t work particularly well with my hearing aids. Thankfully, I was able to try out a new amplifier which allowed me to hear the call!


In the past, I’ve gotten on particularly well with mobile phones. Thankfully, iPhones have an amplifier option which increases the volume of the calls. However, this option isn’t available on landlines and that’s where the Sarabec Telephone Amplifier comes in.

It can either work as an amplifier or a device which connects to your hearing aid’s T-zone setting. I only use it is an amplifier but it’s great! The amplifier comes with replaceable straps, a little pouch and the device itself has a large volume range to suit you.

I’m thrilled at how helpful the device is. If you know a fellow deaf person who may benefit from this, let them know!



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