Of Monsters and Men at Lincoln’s Engine Shed

Before I moved to the University of Lincoln, I knew that there was a great concert venue on sight. So, when I found out that Of Monsters and Men were playing at Lincoln’s Engine Shed, I knew I had to go.

Already, the layout of the Engine Shed created an intimate atmosphere. This was the same with the stage design for the support act, HighAsAKite, where only dimmed lights were used to illuminate the stage.

In terms of HighAsAKite‘s music, I really loved the mix between mellow vocals and driving drum beats. With a sound that’s unique but also traditional to the alternative genre, HighAsAKite are a band I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on…

Then it wasn’t long before Of Monsters and Men took to the stage. Adding to the calm atmosphere which HighAsAKite created, their set was full of excellent contrasts. Nanna and Ragnar’s voices work brilliantly together, and the mixture of upbeat and relaxed songs kept their performance fresh and memorable.
Despite being somewhat disappointed that we didn’t hear Organs, their performance overall was fantastic. Towards the end of their set, everyone was dancing along to Little Talks. Then, with the final track – We Sink – the band ended the evening on a high. A brilliant performance from both bands.



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