Weekly Update: I Made a Mistake…

This week was another busy one. I have a lot of assignments due in December and also had a few other things going on. But one thing I wanted to talk about today, was a very stupid mistake I made earlier this week…

On WordPress, there is the Media Library. Essentially, this is where all the pictures you have ever used in a post are stored.

Now, since WordPress hosts my website, they can only allow me 3GB of space for my images. I tried to think of ways to cut down on how much space I have used already, and then I noticed the Media Library.

Whilst I now know that this is where all my images are kept and that they should my be deleted, I did not know that at the time. I had quite a lot of photos on there (too many to even count) and so I thought: Great! Deleting these will save me a heck of a lot of storage! So I bulk-deleted them all.

Oh dear.

It wasn’t until I had a look back at some of my old posts that I noticed the problem, and realised that this has probably happened to all of my 933 posts.

Oh dear.

Thankfully, I was able to get them all back in the end, but lesson learned!

How was your week? Comment below!



4 thoughts on “Weekly Update: I Made a Mistake…

  1. I learned that early on in my blogging. I thought I was supposed to delete them after posting. Ha! It got stranger still when wordpress started including the pics of posts you reblog in you media library. Not sure how much space I’m using now, but I’ve looked back at a few posts that have missing pics and I haven’t a clue what happened to them.

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  2. Yes, when you upload a picture for you blog post the link in the post points to the one and only copy of that photo in your media library. Delete the photo from the media library and you delete it from the post.
    Also you know how there’s the new dashboard you get to by default and there’s the old dashboard you can still access via your blog when you’re logged in, do you find that when uploading a photo to a post via the new dashboard it always fails. I find I have to use the old dashboard’s media library to upload photos, then attach it to the post. I thought it was a one-off occurrence but it persists. Very strange.


    • Thanks for that – I only just realised that *after* deleting all my photos. Whoops!

      Oh sorry, I couldn’t say… I still use just the old Dashboard I’m afraid! Have you spoken to WordPress about it?


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