Emojis, Christmas Adverts and Cheeky Nando’s: Immortal Advertising

This week, the news emerged that Oxford English Dictionaries’ Word of the Year is not a word, but an emoji. We live in a time where it can be considered Christmas when the John Lewis advert is first shown. For businesses, the most long-lasting advertising campaign is when the company is immortalised through tradition or the latest trend.

It is why PR is a promising industry for young people to enter. As well as having an up-to-date knowledge of social media, teenagers have an ability to create memes, in-jokes and trends that are exclusive to a particular group or sub-culture. Therefore, why can’t it be exclusive to a business?

Whilst some would be right to argue that these trends ‘hijack’ popular culture, it’s a new form of advertising which companies are yet to explore.



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