A Change in Souvenir Culture

There’s always something fun about buying a souvenir. It allows us to attach our memories to a simple object which we can keep forever. The object itself varies – it could be anything: a pen, a keyring, a T-shirt and so forth. But whilst there’s a choice of what to buy after an amazing concert or festival, one item is starting to become top of souvenir culture – the T-Shirt.

My T-Shirt which I bought after seeing The Curious Incident.


Why is that? It’s because of the profuct’s purpose. A pen is great but it goes straight in the bin when it’s used up. A keyring brightens up your collection of keys but you’re never really going to pay attention to it unless you need to get in your front door. But in terms of a T-Shirt – you need them because it’s clothing.

As well as that, it’s the item that appeals to our consumerist desire to collect stuff. Whilst a pen collection may be exciting to some people, a collection of T-shirts is impressive because of how much we value fashion in our society.

But anyway, speaking of collections, I thought I would talk about my collection of T-Shirts, and what they mean to me.

Vinspired Awards 2013 – This reminds me of my first proper awards ceremony I attended. The Saturdays played at the end of the show, and tons of confetti falling down on the audience whilst they sang What About Us will always be a strong memory of mine.

Do Something T-Shirt – This reminds me of all the YouTubers I met at Summer in the City this year. But also, more importantly, it reminds me of the campaign I was helping Do Something to promote – #1in4ofUs.

V Festival 2014 – This will always be known as the shirt in the wrong size.

Madeon 2015 – I bought this on my birthday this year. I remember Madeon playing in such a small venue, and the atmosphere being incredible.

Glastonbury 2015 – My first Glastonbury. This T-shirt perfectly encapsulates the unique Glastonbury experience and atmosphere.

V Festival 2015 – A memory I have of V Festival is seeing Sam Smith for the first time. It was incredible.

The Curious Incident – I had to get this T-Shirt. It reminds me of my favourite play of all-time!

That’s my collection of t-shirts!

Do you have any concert T-shirts? What souvenirs do you collect? Comment below!



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