Musical Discovery: Elephante

Throughout this week, I had the lyrics to Galantis’ Home stuck in my head. I still haven’t reviewed the song for a Musical Discovery post. Whilst on YouTube, I decided to read the comments to hear other people’s thoughts. I then noticed that a few commenters were talking about a remix by Elephante (real name Tim Wu). I’m not usually a fan of remixes, but I chose to give it a listen – and what a great decision that was.

In terms of what makes Elephante’s remixes so unique and creative, is that he is one of the few DJs today to use remixes to build upon the original – enhancing the vocals and melody, instead of changing them completely. The only other artist I have found that does this is Madeon. Hopefully, with Elephante certainly being imaginative in his music, it won’t be long before the DJ’s style of remix hits the mainstream house scene and other artists will take note.

Intrigued by Wu’s remix of Help, I started to investigate other remixes by the artist, and I stumbled across two others which caught my eye. For me, his remix of Sunlight by The Magician (feat. Years and Years) is probably my favourite of the three I have heard so far. As I constantly mention, for me, one of the ingredients for a memorable song is pronounced melodies. In this case, the synth stabs for the chorus is what makes the track so upbeat and vibrant. Another great aspect of this song is that it is free to download if you follow Elephante on Twitter and Soundcloud, which I considered to be really cool.

However, that is not to say that all of Tim Wu’s remixes contain euphoric, loud synth melodies. In the case of Calling Out by Penguin Prison (Elephante Remix), the verses adopt a more synth-funk style which really enhances the song. But of course, when it comes to the chorus, Elephante comes up with a fitting synthesiser melody for the track. Upon looking at the three remixes, there certainly aren’t any obvious similarities in the songs – each one is brilliantly unique in it’s own way.

But of course, as with successful remixes, some listeners ask whether the DJ in question has released original tracks. In this case, I was curious to find out myself and it turns out Elephante has created his own songs. The latest track was I Want You (feat. Rumors), with the song being released in June and the music video being uploaded to YouTube last week.

Admittedly, I was a little sceptical about how Elephante’s musical style will transition from remixes to original music, but it was great to hear how different the two styles of music are from one another. It is fair to say that Wu’s music style is something new and exciting within the dance industry. I look forward to a breakthrough soon.

What do you think of these tracks? Which one is your favourite? Comment below!



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