Musical Discovery: ‘Adventure of A Lifetime’ by Coldplay

It seems as though this week has been a great week for musical discoveries and new music (read my review of Jess Glynne’s recently released single, Take Me Home, here). On Thursday, Coldplay revealed the music video for Adventure of a Lifetime – taken from their upcoming album A Head Full of Dreams, which will be released on 4 December. Of course, I couldn’t wait until Monday to review Coldplay’s latest track, so Adventure of a Lifetime is this week’s Musical Discovery!

With the song starting immediately with a funky guitar melody, some listeners may be surprised that the band have once again explored another musical style (take the vibrant Mylo Xyloto and the mellow Ghost Stories, for example). This view was mentioned a lot in the comments for the video uploaded to YouTube recently. As well as that, some commenters compared Chris Martin’s vocals in the track to Adam Levine’s. However, what fans have to consider is how well the band can transition between different musical genres and still continue to create great music.

Overall, I love how creative Adventure of a Lifetime is. The experimental instrumental melodies throughout the track tie-in perfectly with the title and this idea of ‘adventure’. In particular, the low bass undertones combined with a groovy and funky drum groove really bring the song to life and create a vibrant track to listen to. I look forward to hearing the rest of the album.

What do you think about Coldplay’s return? Are you looking forward to their new album in December? Comment below!



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