Musical Discovery: ‘Take Me Home’ by Jess Glynne

Last week, Adele returned with Hello – a track with mellow piano chords and pure soul. Now, it seems as though other artists are keen to follow suit. One of the latest singers to release a soulful single is Jess Glynne, with Take Me Home.

For a while, Jess’ songs have all been the usual upbeat track similar to her debut track with Clean Bandit – Rather Be. After that, Real LoveHold My HandRight Here and Don’t Be So Hard on Yourself all continued the vibrant, upbeat pop style. But now, Jess Glynne has leant her vocals to a song with a more sombre tone, with Take Me Home being revealed as being this year’s official Children in Need single.

Upon listening to the track, there’s certainly some similarities in both the song and the music video. From the first few seconds there’s light piano chords which are like the opening chords to Hello by Adele. Then, in terms of the melody and the video, both can be seen as being similar to Jessie J’s Who You Are, especially when Jessie and Jess both share a similar vocal range.

Then, with simple piano chords and a relaxed drum beat, it’s these vocals which really make the song unique. The chorus contains emotive lyrics and a memory melody. Whilst the piano melody and drum beat remain uniform throughout the song, the pace of Jess’ vocals varies throughout the song. It is this creativity which really add the emotion to this song.

On a separate note, it is also the music video which really adds to the mood of the song. Both audio and visual work together to create something different for the singer.

What do you think of this track? Comment below!



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