Musical Discovery: ‘Leaving No Traces’ by HighAsAKite

If you saw my post yesterday, you will know that I saw Of Monsters and Men and HighAsAKite at Lincoln’s Engine Shed. The main act were incredible, and I was so pleased to come across HighAsAKite. They were so great that I listened to them some more, and discovered today’s Musical Discovery – Leaving No Traces.

An off-beat rhythm drives through the song at the start that’s typical of the alternative genre. However, what is not typical is Ingrid Hävik’s vocals, which is both calm and soulful. Alongside the powerful vocals and up-beat drum beat, the track also contains a colourful piano melody and haunting bass riffs.

Towards the end of the song, the chorus is repeated on top of the drums, which makes the song a perfect track to sing and dance along to. I am so happy to have discovered this band, so you may see some more Musical Discoveries from them soon.

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Of Monsters and Men at Lincoln’s Engine Shed

Before I moved to the University of Lincoln, I knew that there was a great concert venue on sight. So, when I found out that Of Monsters and Men were playing at Lincoln’s Engine Shed, I knew I had to go.

Already, the layout of the Engine Shed created an intimate atmosphere. This was the same with the stage design for the support act, HighAsAKite, where only dimmed lights were used to illuminate the stage.

In terms of HighAsAKite‘s music, I really loved the mix between mellow vocals and driving drum beats. With a sound that’s unique but also traditional to the alternative genre, HighAsAKite are a band I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on…

Then it wasn’t long before Of Monsters and Men took to the stage. Adding to the calm atmosphere which HighAsAKite created, their set was full of excellent contrasts. Nanna and Ragnar’s voices work brilliantly together, and the mixture of upbeat and relaxed songs kept their performance fresh and memorable.
Despite being somewhat disappointed that we didn’t hear Organs, their performance overall was fantastic. Towards the end of their set, everyone was dancing along to Little Talks. Then, with the final track – We Sink – the band ended the evening on a high. A brilliant performance from both bands.


Listen to my radio show on Siren FM!

If you follow me on Twitter or you have been reading my blog for a while, you will know that I’m already the producer for a radio show – The Siren FM Breakfast Show with Jarrad Johnson – but now I’m going to be co-presenting my own show!

It’s great, because with the Breakfast Show I get to be ‘behind-the-scenes’. Now, I’m very much on the other side of the equation and I’m so excited!

So, when is it going to be on?

I’ll be hosting the show with my friend Danyal on Saturdays, 10am to 12pm. If you’re in the Lincolnshire area, you may be able to hear me on 107.3 FM. Otherwise, you can listen to the show from anywhere in the world on

My first show is this Saturday and I’d love for you to listen! You can also get in touch with the show on Twitter, where you can also find information about how to get in touch via. text and email. It’d be great to get some song requests from you!

Will you be tuning in from 10am tomorrow?


Musical Discovery: ‘Redemption Days’ by Josh Osho

In case you didn’t know, I’m the producer of a radio show! You can find out more about that here.

Of course, one of the main things about a radio show is that they play a lot of music. Whilst I was in the office I heard a track I particularly liked. This track – and today’s Musical Discovery – is Redemption Days by Josh Osho.

The track begins with euphoric violin melodies, which combine with Osho’s soulful vocals to create a vibrant song. As well as that, a driving drum beat with snare brushes also gives the track a unique and upbeat feel.

Just like the strings at the start of the song creates a slightly classical-pop style, the chorus also builds upon this. Backing vocals and a developed string melody add to the colourful feel of the track. Redemption Days is the perfect feel-good song for your Monday morning.

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Weekly Update: I Made a Mistake…

This week was another busy one. I have a lot of assignments due in December and also had a few other things going on. But one thing I wanted to talk about today, was a very stupid mistake I made earlier this week…

On WordPress, there is the Media Library. Essentially, this is where all the pictures you have ever used in a post are stored.

Now, since WordPress hosts my website, they can only allow me 3GB of space for my images. I tried to think of ways to cut down on how much space I have used already, and then I noticed the Media Library.

Whilst I now know that this is where all my images are kept and that they should my be deleted, I did not know that at the time. I had quite a lot of photos on there (too many to even count) and so I thought: Great! Deleting these will save me a heck of a lot of storage! So I bulk-deleted them all.

Oh dear.

It wasn’t until I had a look back at some of my old posts that I noticed the problem, and realised that this has probably happened to all of my 933 posts.

Oh dear.

Thankfully, I was able to get them all back in the end, but lesson learned!

How was your week? Comment below!


Emojis, Christmas Adverts and Cheeky Nando’s: Immortal Advertising

This week, the news emerged that Oxford English Dictionaries’ Word of the Year is not a word, but an emoji. We live in a time where it can be considered Christmas when the John Lewis advert is first shown. For businesses, the most long-lasting advertising campaign is when the company is immortalised through tradition or the latest trend.

It is why PR is a promising industry for young people to enter. As well as having an up-to-date knowledge of social media, teenagers have an ability to create memes, in-jokes and trends that are exclusive to a particular group or sub-culture. Therefore, why can’t it be exclusive to a business?

Whilst some would be right to argue that these trends ‘hijack’ popular culture, it’s a new form of advertising which companies are yet to explore.


Writing Update: The Return

It’s been a while since the last Writing Update and that’s because of university assignments. It does mean that my end-of-year deadline to complete my book probably won’t happen.

However, earlier this week I was able to get some work on my book done. The downside though, was that it’s been a while, and I found it hard to write. Then, it returned. Self-doubt.

But this time, it’s not me wanting to give up on the idea. The general idea itself is fine, it’s just finding the right way to tell it that I’n struggling with.

Now I’m torn between giving up for a new re-drafted version of the idea, or to keep going and finish the novel in the hope that it will give me a sense of the overall plot. Decisions, decisions…