Writing Update: A Realisation

I’ve been rather busy here at university, with two journalism assignments being due very soon. With the course and it’s deadlines demanding my attention, I’ve realised that I probably won’t have time to write for a while. Furthermore, it looks unlikely that I will finish the book by my deadline of the end of the year.

As a previous Weekly Update has mentioned, I’ve even struggled to find the time to read. So, for that reason, writing and reading will have to take a back-seat for a while, and I’ll have to find ways of getting short amounts of writing done in my spare time.

Sorry, but I’m afraid there won’t be another Writing Update for a while!

How do you find time to write? Comment below!



2 thoughts on “Writing Update: A Realisation

  1. Um, I have a full time job and some of it involves preparing classes for other people. I still manage to write. Late at night if necessary and on the way to and from work. Of course, if you’re doing journalism you might consider trying some freelance even now. As a journalist your deadlines are going to be very tight. Something happens and you write about it immediately and submit it likewise. Good practice!


    • Oh, sorry! I mean writing a book! I haven’t had the time lately to do more work on it. I’m hoping that once my assignments are out the way then I should be able to get back into writing.


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