Musical Discovery: ‘Hello’ by Adele

I was unfortunate to miss the teaser during last week’s X Factor, but it turns out the short clip was a section of her new track, Hello:

Hello/It’s me/I was wondering/if after all these years/you’d like to meet/to go over/everything/they say that time’s supposed to heal ya/but I ain’t done much healing”

On Friday, the music video was released and the song was available to download. Naturally, Hello – from Adele’s eagerly anticipated new album 25 – is this week’s Musical Discovery.

Whilst the song in the music video takes over one minute to begin, obviously the track starts instantly when listening to the iTunes version. Hello commences with soft, minor piano chords and light vocals from Adele which work well together. In terms of melodies, the predictable, fluttering tune in the verses is relaxing and creates an intriguing rhythm for the song. The lyrics are also creative, with the metaphor of a phone call to another person (whom the identity is unknown) being very clever and offering interesting lyrics.

The first verse also sees Adele’s soul develop as the track develops into the chorus. Immediately I noticed that the first chorus lacked drums, which was disappointing. However, this is likely to bring the listener’s attention to Adele’s vocals – especially when the song is more of a ballad similar to that of Rolling in the Deep and Set Fire to the Rain.

But that is not to say that there are no drums at all in the track. Later on, a relaxed but muffled drum beat can be heard underneath beautiful harmonies and backing vocals. It’s these harmonies in the interlude which bring the listener’s attention to the final chorus, ending the song on a high.

What do you think of Adele’s return? Did Hello meet your expectations? Comment below!



2 thoughts on “Musical Discovery: ‘Hello’ by Adele

  1. I´m the only person in the world who hasn´t listened to this song yet (at least that´s how it feels). I´m now instantly searching this on Spotify, so I can give it a good listen on my way to uni. After what you said about it here, it does sound amazing.
    xx Lisa | Following Lisa

    Liked by 1 person

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