Musical Discovery: ‘Alone No More’ by Philip George & Anton Powers

It was hours before last week’s Musical Discovery post that I re-discovered Alone No More by Philip George and Anton Powers. I had heard the song before, but I wasn’t so keen on it at first. However, after hearing it twice in one day last week, it grew on me and became the ear worm for the week. For that reason, Alone No More is this week’s Musical Discovery.

First of all, the song contains one main factor which a lot of my favourite dance tracks have too. This is vibrant, off-beat piano stabs, which always put me in a good mood. At the start, a synth melody is used which demonstrates his unique style of dance that is also present in his debut single, Wish You Were Mine. Additionally, very much like his first release was a remix of Stevie Wonder’s My Cherie Amour, this track is a great remix of Another Level’s Be Alone No More. If Philip George’s style is to remix classic songs, then it is definitely something which makes him stand out in the competitive dance music industry.

Later on in the track, soulful vocals, a colourful piano melody and a complex drum beat all combine to create a memorable chorus. The song definitely has a sense of euphoria which makes Alone No More a great party and dance anthem.

What do you think of Philip George’s new track? Comment below!



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