Musical reDiscovery: ‘Lies’ by Burns (Otto Knows Remix)

This week’s Musical Discovery is a very special one. About one or two years ago, I heard a track on the radio which I really liked the sound of. However, I didn’t have Shazam to hand, the presenter didn’t say what the song it was and I couldn’t search for the lyrics on Google because it was an electronic song. But now, listening to some of the music my flat mates like, I came across the song once again and I was thrilled.

So, for a special Musical reDiscovery, I review Lies by Burns (Otto Knows Remix) – a song I’ve been meaning to rediscover for years.

Whilst the song’s intro boasts a distorted but funky build-up tune combined with a simplistic drum beat, it’s the main melody itself that really caught my attention when I heard it on the radio. After soulful and sassy vocals by Burns, which hint at what the chorus has in store. At first, the tune is muffled – intriguing listeners – before it is fully developed and played at full volume. It is repetitive, catchy and memorable.

The track then progresses nicely onto the next verse with harmonic piano chords. Despite the verses contain the same lyrics, it creates a perfect balance which allows the song to demonstrate both Burns’ vocal talents and Otto Knows’ skills as a DJ.

As Lies draws to a close, the final melody fuses different instrumentals to create an excellent climax. Then, when it comes to the outro, the song has a similar style to the intro. With the song coming full-circle, Lies a well-developed and track with memorable melodies, impressive vocals and a clear progression. Overall, I’m so happy I found this song again.

What do you think of this remix? Comment below!



2 thoughts on “Musical reDiscovery: ‘Lies’ by Burns (Otto Knows Remix)

  1. I am just now listening to this song for the first time and I think I´m gonna hum this for the rest of the day. The beat is just really catchy. And those vocals are amazing. I wish I could sing like that.
    All I can imagine is a sunny day, driving around, windows down and this song on full volume. That would make a perfect afternoon.
    xx Lisa | Following Lisa


    • I know, right? It was so painful having to spend two years desperately searching for the name of this song and its catchy melody. So now I’m so glad I rediscovered it!

      I agree – the lyrics are very soulful!



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