Vlogging for the Camera-Shy

It’s needless to say that before I started my own YouTube channel last week, I used to – and still – watch a lot of YouTube videos. Those who have stopped by my blog regularly will know that I had a great time at the YouTube convention, Summer in the City, last month.

But there came a point where I wanted to start making videos on YouTube myself. The only problem, however, was that I am rather camera shy. Whilst YouTube’s community can be absolutely wonderful, there’s still a few trolls and just all-round mean people that like to judge people. For that reason, the fear of judgement – particularly in terms of how you come across on video – put me off of making videos for a while.

So instead I took to blogging and it went – and I hope it still is – going quite well!  However, no matter how satisfied I was with blogging, I still wanted to make videos. I did some video editing in the past and found that whilst most YouTubers today find the task too strenuous, I considered it to be quite fun anf appealed to my perfectionist attitude. So now, the only problem was dealing with the camera-shy aspect.

I did have a quick search on Google, but found that the main idea came to me almost straight-away. After arriving in Lincoln last week to study at university, I decided I would take my phone and video different views and scenery around Lincoln. It was perfect because I didn’t need to be on camera – the beautiful city of Lincoln was the focus.

This, after a very long but fun editing stage, led to my first ever vlog being uploaded to YouTube! You can watch it here (see above) or you can visit and subscribe to my channel here.

So what is next for the channel? Well, I definitely hope to do more scenic vlogs from different areas of the country. I’ll be going out and about very soon so hopefully I can capture some footage then. Otherwise, it may be little narrated videos. I do have an idea already for one of them, but I just need to write a script and then get the footage!

Already, after uploading the video, I’ve had lots of nice comments from the community. Thanks to Maeve and Bobby for the support, and do check out their YouTube channels!

Finally, if you are the same as me – you’re camera shy but want to make videos – do know that there are options available. You don’t have to be the thing that’s on camera, and there’s other ways to get your thoughts across in a video (such as narration, for example).

Do you have a YouTube channel? If so, link it below! Or perhaps you want to set one up? Either way, get involved in the comments!



5 thoughts on “Vlogging for the Camera-Shy

  1. Loved this post & thank you for the mention! Also thanks for introducing me to Bob’s channel, I just subscribed! 🙂
    I put off starting a channel for ages until I realised, I may as well give it a go and then if I enjoy it, that’s all that really matters. Once you’ve got over the initial nerves of your first video it gets a lot easier from then onwards!
    Looking forward to more content on your channel 🙂
    Maeve // Thrift O’Clock

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    • I’m glad you like it! You’re very welcome!

      Huzzah! Thanks for subscribing to Bob’s channel – he’s a good friend of mine and I’m so glad you did!

      That’s very true! I’m not very nervous… yet! Haha!

      I hope to have some more content up very soon!

      Thanks for commenting!


  2. Interesting read. Humans and some higher order mammals such as chimps and dolphins are self aware, that is they can recognize themselves in mirrors. Being camera shy, you might think filming yourself can be off-putting, that is your personal view as you do not normally speak, smile or gesture in front of a mirror so it might come as a shock to see yourself on film..

    For filming your radio show, live streaming or not to your your tube channel, have a think about having a good quality webcam or camcorder behind and above your shoulder to record your show without showing your face too much initially. If you are reading from a script on laptop for the show, make it into a sort of power point presentation so that block of text in large font or pictures appears every time you press a function key – hey presto, open subtitles to make the show more accessible? Give a thumbs up or face the camera to sign on/off. Or do like Robbie Williams in “Good Morning Vietnam”.

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    • Thanks for the comment, Peter! It’s great to hear from you, I hope you are well.

      I think that’s very true, and it’s also a bit to do with confidence, perhaps?

      I like the idea of a camera on my shoulder – that sounds really useful, thank you. As for subtitles on YouTube, it’s something I always do whenever I upload a video with audio – so important!

      Thankfully, in terms of my radio show, only my voice is recorded and that’s uploaded to a website without video. That’s less of a problem, it’s just I want to get into videos because I love editing!


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