Musical Discovery: ‘Can’t Feel My Face’ by The Weeknd

Now that I’ve moved into my university accommodation and have spent some of my spare time partying, it’s fair to say that I’ve stumbled across a lot of new music, both from people I’ve met, as well as music played at the freshers’ parties. In particular, this week’s track is a favourite amongst me and my flatmates. This week’s Musical Discovery is Can’t Feel My Face by The Weeknd.

With the track having light, sustained piano chords at the beginning, the listener is quickly drawn to vocals of The Weeknd (real name Abel Tesfaye). However, whilst the opening implies a more relaxed style of song, I was taken by surprise when the song develops into a upbeat funk chorus.

Although, that is not to say that this isn’t a good development for the song. From the chorus onwards, groovy and funky bass riffs along with a bouncy drum beat are introduced. We also see warped synth under-layers along with harmonic backing vocals as the song continues. For me, this constant development is unique and differs from other, more rigid structures in popular chart tracks.

Then, as Can’t Feel My Face concludes, the song quickly builds upon the funky bass riff which runs throughout the track. But unfortunately, whilst this would have made a great outro, this aspect of the song was cut short, in my opinion. Despite this, the song is soulful, atmospheric and funky – not to mention ridiculously catchy.

A song which combines atmospheric and funky styles with soulful, high-pitched vocals, Can’t Feel My Face is a smooth, laid-back track perfect for parties and clubbing.




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