Musical Discovery: ‘Animals’ by KYKO

I had heard the name Kyko before, but only listened to Animals recently. I was intrigued by the track and for that reason, Animals by Kyko is this week’s Musical Discovery.

An upbeat, summery guitar riff introduced the track, before the vocal style of Kyko – which is similar to that of Bastille’s Dan Smith – follow suit.

After this, the song has a somewhat euphoric feel to it, with light piano chords adding emotion to the track and changing the style of Animals once more.

As the song continues, the style of the track changes once again. As well as Kyko’s vocals being similar to that of Dan Smith’s, the song’s powerful chorus – which sees soulful vocals fused with a driving drum beat – also seem to mimic Bastille tracks such as Pompeii, Laura Palmer and Things We Lost in the Fire.

As the track reaches a close, we hear a mellow guitar solo before the chorus plays for one last time.

With Animals combining upbeat summer verses with a driving and soulful chorus, Kyko’s track is an interesting and catchy song to listen to.

What do you think of this track? Comment below!



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