Writing Update: Now Things Get A Little Interesting…

For a while now, things have been a little slow. This is both for the writing and the book’s plot itself. I’ve lacked the time (but more importantly, the motivation) to write because the plot is yet to kick off.

I’ve always been told that if you have to write in a query letter that they need to “keep reading, it gets better on page 57!”, then you probably won’t catch the attention of a typical reader, nor the agent for that matter. 

However, at the moment, my book has no chapters (it still continues to be one big document), it doesn’t look like it will reach my target word count of 100,000 words in total and it is still a first draft. 

It’ll only be when I complete it in full that I can then go back, edit it, and re-write those opening scenes to make them more captivating for a reader. Also, only then can I solve word count problems and plot holes too. At the moment, it all comes down to writing this first draft no matter how rubbish it may be. Just do it, Liam (to quote Shia LaBoeuf)!

Anyway, jokes aside and back to the actual update. At the moment, with these particularly hard and boring scenes, I’ve struggled with motivation. However, what I’ve found is that writing the scenes in my Hogwarts notebook before typing them up elimates the pressure that comes with typing up an idea. Since doing it, I’ve been writing over 1,000 words each time, which I’d probably never have been able to do by purely sitting at a computer all day in the hope that an idea comes out of nowhere.

But despite these scenes being somewhat slow, I’ve now reached a point in my book where things become a little bit more interesting (hence the title). Now that the main characters are introduced along with the main concept, the twists and turns of my plot can now commence. It’s these scenes which I’m most looking forward to writing – and I can’t wait!

Aside from all this, I’m actually wondering whether my novel is one of those crime fiction books which demands action all the time. If anything, to me, it seems as though it is more of a psychological thriller, where readers will ooh and aah at certain sections of the book. If anything, the intriguing psychological thrillers are far more interesting than non-stop action, don’t you think?

Nevertheless, I’m using all my spare time at the moment to read and write. Hopefully, before I’m off to university very soon, I make some good progress on the novel.

As always, I shall keep you posted, but here’s the current word count!

Current Word Count: 9,219 words



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