Musical Discovery: ‘Easy Love’ by Sigala

This week, I stumbled across this track from Sigala. I heard it being played on the TV as well as by friends and family. So, for that reason, Easy Love by Sigala is this week’s Musical Discovery!

Although the song has no proper build-up, the listener is taken by surprise and thrown straight into a song with a bouncy drum beat and a tropical synth melody similar to Martin Garrix’s Don’t Look Down. The track itself uses audio samples from the Jackson 5 hit, ABC. In a sense, this use of audio sampling is a great follow on from Philip George’s Wish You Were Mine – which samples vocals from Stevie Wonder’s track, My Cherie Amour.

However, the vocal effects for this track aren’t that catchy and are tolerable. For me, it’s the feel-good piano chords and piano stabs in the chorus which makes the song so great. As well as this, I think without vocals the song could also make a great instrumental track.

Overall, the song promises a feel-good dance track which is progressive, and leaves listeners curious to see what Sigala will release next.

What do you think of this track? Comment below!


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