Musical Discovery: ‘Holding On’ by Disclosure feat. Gregory Porter

Admittedly, I’ve never been that much of a fan of Disclosure. But when the DJs decided to collaborate with Gregory Porter, I thought I’d definitely have to check it out. Over time it’s grown on me and so Holding On is this week’s Musical Discovery.

Immediately, the song begins with a soulful introduction by Gregory Porter. Although, with his album Liquid Spirit being a big success recently, listeners can expect his unique brand of soul to be present in this track.

After that, Disclosure are quick to show off their talents, with the dance duo creating vocal chop-ups alongside mellow synth melodies. However, the transition isn’t well-developed when a hi-hat effect is introduced, as it felt sudden and rushed.

Then, following on from a rather slow progression, the track’s verses begin. With the melody being slightly fast-paced, the tune reminded me of Paloma Faith’s track, Just Can’t Rely on You.

From this point on, it’s Porter’s vocals which really make the song stand out. Finally, at the end of the track, the vocals are removed to leave a bouncy rhythm. But unfortunately, like the progression at the start of the song, the ending feels just as abrupt and under-developed.

On a separate note, Disclosure are using music videos from their album to tell a story, which is clever. So far I know Madeon and Fall Out Boy have both done something similar and I think it could be the future for music videos.

Overall, the song is an OK track. Whilst I may not be a fan of Disclosure, Gregory Porter’s talents as a soul singer are to be admired.

What do you think of this track? Comment below!



2 thoughts on “Musical Discovery: ‘Holding On’ by Disclosure feat. Gregory Porter

  1. I think this track is OK. It has a great club sound. I can see us all holding a cocktail while listening to this song.

    I love it when music videos tell a story. Didn’t Daft Punk do that as well? Now I want to listen to One More Time haha.

    xx Izzy


    • It is an alright track! But I think Gregory Porter’s vocals make the song.

      I believe they did! I particularly like it when the story spans more than one music video – like a trilogy!

      Thanks for commenting!


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