WordPress releases new app update | The Friday Article

WordPress, a blogging platform which enables users to create their own blogs, have released their latest mobile update for users of the social network.

In WordPress’ latest update of their app, which was revealed yesterday, the application now has a new ‘Insights’ feature in the Stats section. The update also saw a change of visuals, with the main font and title font size changing from an informal font to a style similar to that of Times New Roman.

‘Insights’, which was previously released online on the web version of WordPress, enabled bloggers to see on which day of the week they would get the most views – and at what time.

Liam O’Dell, who owns the WordPress blog, The Life of a Thinker, said: “When I first saw the insights feature online, I thought it was really interesting to see what date and time I get the most views.”

However, whilst the blogger was in support of the change to the mobile app’s stats section, he was disappointed that some suggestions weren’t taken on board this time around.

He added: “I noticed that when bloggers schedule posts on WordPress, the word ‘Post’ is used instead of ‘Schedule’, which was used previously.”

With a recent update, Liam was able to identify an issue with embedding YouTube videos on blog posts. This was then fixed in a later update.

Now, the blogger hopes that an issue with draft posts publishing by accident is also resolved in this update.

“I have yet to try it, but I hope that draft posts can be saved, and don’t publish immediately.”

With Apple releasing the eagerly anticipated iOS 9 software update in September, it is likely that WordPress’ app developers are preparing for the next update to the iPhone’s operating system.



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