Musical Discovery: ‘Nothing Left’ by Kygo feat. Will Heard

Last week, Kygo revealed a short preview for his next release. Then, an announcement followed saying the track would be released on Friday 31st July. So, for this week’s Musical Discovery, I review Nothing Left by Kygo featuring Will Heard.

From my first impressions of Kygo’s preview, I was quick to presume that the vocals for this track were provided by Example, with the low style of vocals. Instead, the vocals are from soul singer Will Heard.

However, the smooth vocals are still fitting with the slow, off-beat tempo of the track. Shortly after the introduction of Heard’s voice, Kygo begins to add the tropical house that makes his music unique. With a violin-synth effect combined with a ‘bouncy’ bass synth underneath and a laid-back drum beat.

Then, for the chorus, Kygo removes these and creates powerful piano stabs alongside Heard’s catchy lyrics to make an atmospheric and fitting chorus for the track.

At this point, Kygo is free to add in his melodic interlude, containing the same violin-synth effect we hear earlier to create a relaxing and tropical, off-beat tune. Whilst it does not seem to be a dance-along track, it’s nice to see some diversity amongst Kygo’s songs.

Towards the end of the track, the style of the verses and vocals change to create a more off-beat rhythm, which is clever and a great part of the song. The song is then slowly brought to a close with Kygo further developing the melody of this track.

With powerful and soulful vocals from Will Heard combined with a smooth, off-beat melody, Kygo returns with music which remains different in each track, but also maintains his unique style of tropical house.

What do you think of this track? Comment below!



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