Thoughts on the Guardian Insight Day

Recently, I received an invitation to attend an insight day at The Guardian. So yesterday, I went down to London, to the Guardian’s headquarters for the day to learn more about the Guardian and journalism.

Upon arrival at their offices, I was in awe at how funky and post-modern it was. Unfortunately I was unable to take any pictures, but throughout there were pretty decorations and designs on the walls, plus views of the canal outside. Even whilst I was waiting at reception, I found out that it was true what they say about the chairs at The Guardian – that they are exceptionally comfy.

Anyway, moving on from comfortable chairs to journalism, the day was full of interesting talks and activities. From a tour of The Guardian’s fascinating headquarters and its departments, to designing our own front page in around 75 mins, to talks from sections of the newspaper such as News, Sport, G2, Multimedia and more. All items on the jam-packed agenda were incredibly useful and interesting.

Overall, I left with an experience of what it’s like to work for different sections of the Guardian, and how the newspaper itself works. As well as that, I left with a lot of questions answered.

I’d just like to say thank you to everyone at The Guardian and The Guardian Education who spoke to us yesterday, the information and insight you gave me was incredibly useful!



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