Musical Discovery: ‘Cut Your Teeth’ by Kyla La Grange (Kygo Remix)

At last, I can finally share with you this track. After hearing it played constantly at the weekend, and then hearing it at Glastonbury, this song definitely got my attention. Annoyingly, my Shazam app was never around so I was clueless, with only a slight guess at the song being by Kygo to help me.

But I was right, as last week I finally found out the name of a song I’ve been dying to find for a few months at least. So this week’s Musical Discovery is Kygo’s remix of Cut Your Teeth by Kyla La Grange.

This is the radio edit of Kygo’s remix. A longer, six-minute remix can be found on YouTube and iTunes.

It was Kygo’s melody which immediately drew me to the song. Upbeat and using his ‘exotic’ synth melodies, the track demonstrates Kygo’s unique style which has made previous tracks such as Younger and Firestone such a success.

In particular, Kygo’s ability to respect the tracks he remixes should be commended. Whilst Younger has a more ‘childish’, jolly melody, Cut Your Teeth has a more laid-back style which makes it a chilled summer track to listen to.

In summary, Kygo’s remix of Cut Your Teeth shows the DJ’s respectful attitude  and diversity when it comes to creating remixes. But at the same time, each track by the artist contains his signature style which makes tracks like these such a success.

The only downside to this song is the vocal style of Kyla’s vocals. Whilst the low tone of her voice adds to the relaxing feel of the track, I struggle to hear the lyrics which is a shame.

What do you think of this track? Comment below!


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