Writing Update: A Sense of Character

So you may remember in my last update that I said I had hit a brick wall or tough section of my book. However, with my Hogwarts notebook to help me I quickly ploughed through the scene and the path ahead for my novel looks fairly easy and smooth.

You often hear writers talk about the point in their writing where the characters direct them on the journey along the plot. For me, I wouldn’t say that has happened yet, but I definitely feel like I understand some of the main characters of the book now, and how they think.

However, the next chapter of my book sees the introduction of another important character. With this character it is difficult because they have a personality which I’m finding hard to translate into words. Hopefully, my idea of their character will translate well in the book so the reader knows how all my characters think as well…

Current Word Count: 3,532


7 thoughts on “Writing Update: A Sense of Character

  1. I have certainly had characters suddenly appear, quite unplanned, and become important catalysts in the plot. In my new novel The Amazon’s Girdle, the malicious French film star Madeleine Marvell came out of the blue, and became a deliciously villainous character who could be suspected of any evil deed. I loved her!


  2. How interesting that you are writing a book! I have tried in the past but my inspiration goes and I give up. I’m sure you’ll get to that point where the characters start to write the book for you!

    Rachael at broomfie.blogspot.com


    • That’s exactly the same thing that happens to me! I think I’ve found a solution now though… If an idea is persistent then it is worth writing!

      Hopefully! At the moment it’s balanced between looking at the plot and the characters writing the plot themselves. I’m hoping it’ll become completely character-driven soon!

      Thanks for commenting!


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