The Last Huzzah | My Fourth and Final NDCS YAB Residential

It was a bit emotional on the Sunday, when I had to say goodbye to fellow members of the National Deaf Children’s Society’s (NDCS) Youth Advisory Board (YAB).

If you’re new to the blog and want to know more about my work with the YAB, read my posts about the last three residentials herehere and here


So this time, our last residential was in London. I arrived early on the Saturday morning and then the day’s programme begun!

We talked about our achievements with campaigning, we helped to feedback on NDCS resources and we also helped NDCS to decide which charities/organisations to work with to provide more opportunities to deaf young people (I particularly thought that vInspired and DofE would be great schemes for NDCS to work with).


Then after all that, we went for Pizza Expeess (which was right next to the British Library, which is nice), before having a graffiti workshop, where we made our own T-shirts!

The reason why this post is called ‘The Last Huzzah’ is because our YAB has a catchphrase, which is HUZZAH! So, naturally, when we got to spray paint the boards in the graffiti workshop, mine had to say this:


Then, on the Sunday, I got up early for a quick Full English breakfast before the last day of the YAB residential started.

We had a talk by our deaf role model, Lucy, who was on the last YAB. It’s always great to hear from other deaf young people and hear their stories. It was also reassuring to hear that her YAB still meet up occasionally! Hopefully ours will be the same!

Lucy also has a blog, called The Girl Who May Not Hear Your Secrets, so please do pop by and say hello!

Then we had a celebration of our time on the board. We had certificates and awards (funnily enough, I won the award for ‘most likely to become a world class journalist’ – haha!)

We then had a chance to take photos and say goodbye before our last NDCS YAB residential drew to a close. It was a tad emotional.

So to conclude, thank you so much to all of my fellow YAB members! It’s been great meeting you. Thanks to those who helped me to learn sign and you’re all friends for life!

Of course, thanks as well to all of the staff at NDCS who have helped out at the four residentials. You were all really friendly and helpful – I had a great time on the board!

But is it the end of the YAB? Of course not! We definitely hope to meet up again in the future. Also, I shall be working with NDCS in the future too – I shall be going to the Conservative Party Conference in October to talk to MPs about issues affecting deaf young people in the UK. Expect a blog post on that soon!



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