Apple Music | The Friday Article

Earlier this week, Apple revealed its streaming service, Apple Music, in the latest update to be made available on their products.

After already becoming known for its debate with Taylor Swift on royalties, the revamped Music app is now live. So, I thought – with the promise of a three-month free trial, that I would review it for today’s blog post!

In particular, when you open the app, you have a variety of different sections to explore, so here’s my thoughts on each section!

For You:

Apple’s bubble feature was a clever way for me to select the music I love.

Whilst I may have enjoyed the bubble task at the start (where you select your favourite music genres and artists), Apple’s attempt to predict my large music taste was a massive failure. At times, it did well with suggestions such as Nero, Swedish House Mafia and Avicii. But at the same time, suggestions of Kelly Clarkson, Justin Timberlake and Kylie Minogue were not so accurate.

Apple’s suggestion of Avicii is promising, but Justin Timberlake is not my style of music.


The ‘Hot Tracks’ and ‘Top Songs’ sections are very accurate.

It is this section of the app that I was particularly impressed with when I gave it a trial. It’s ability to present the latest top songs or hot tracks in a particular genre that I might like was on point.


Whilst this playlist boasts a load of new songs, the balance between old and new tracks isn’t there. As well as that, most of the songs with grey text can’t be played since they are yet to be released.

What is probably one of Apple Music’s most important features of its app, the Radio function wasn’t that good for me.

In particular, most playlists I came across recommended tracks I had already heard of/bought, rather than offering me new tracks to listen to. Instead, a more balanced playlist would have been a better alternative for this section of the app.


A recent post by Calvin Harris on Apple Music.

With the ‘@’ symbol for a logo and the ability to ‘follow’ artists (both of which bare a resemblance to features of Twitter), Connect enables music lovers to ‘connect’ with their favourite musicians. However, it seems as though it hasn’t had the reception Apple intended.

Apart from electronic DJ Zedd asking fans for help on his latest track, most artists I followed just posted pictures of previous gigs on their pages.

Why? Probably because Apple’s attempt at a ‘social network for musicians’ bares too much resemblance to Twitter. In fact, artists commonly use Twitter to announce tours and new albums, so it’s no wonder why artists are struggling to think of something new to post ok Apple Music which they haven’t posted on another social network.

Basically, if Apple hopes its Connect feature will become the new social network for music, it still had a way to go.

My Music:

Lastly, with Apple Music replacing the old Music app, all my iTunes music has now been placed in one section within Apple Music. Whilst the layout of this section isn’t bad, I would prefer having Apple Music as a separate app which I can move into my ‘Useless’ app folder. That way, I could access my music outside of Apple Music.

Alongside this, My Music seems to be the only section of the app where you can play music offline, which could be an issue for some music lovers.

So overall, I’m not really a fan of Apple Music. Whilst it may have the Apple interface we all know and love, it promises nothing particularly new or exciting in the market of streaming services.

Have you made use of Apple Music’s free trial? What do you think? Comment below!


4 thoughts on “Apple Music | The Friday Article

  1. I usually forget to cancel free trials before it starts charging me so I haven’t signed up yet. I use Spotify and YouTube religiously for my music but both are limited! Great review!
    Hattie //


  2. i’ve not tried it yet because i want to ave the time to experience apple music properly but this post was a really good insight. i completely agree that in trying to imitate twitter, artists are not going to have anything new to say so it’s likely people will not use that feature. i definitely wouldn’t bother! x


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