HearAngel: A Safer Way to Listen to Music

I remember being on public transport and opposite me would sit someone who clearly likes their music. Although I love music and am always interested in finding new music, what concerns me about people listening to me is when they don’t protect their hearing. As a rough guide, if I can hear the music from your headphones/earphones from opposite you, then that’s too loud. Whilst one song ‘won’t hurt’, listening to a whole album from your favourite band at that same volume probably isn’t best.

Apple themselves have since created a simple way of reminding users about high volume music/audio with their “high volume” warning bars, but now there’s an app which sets the audio and music to a level which is both appropriate and safe to listen to – HearAngel.

With HearAngel, the app controls the volume of the music and audio you listen to on your phone to prevent you from damaging your hearing. As well as that, the control is maintained over the course of the day to prevent users from going over their ‘Daily Sound Allowance’.

For those still questioning whether they should get the app, the website also has a useful section which demonstrates what hearing loss – as well as tinnitus – is like. As a deaf young person with tinnitus, I cannot begin to describe how annoying tinnitus is. Imagine a loud ringing or whistle (like that of a kettle) which will not go away when you are trying to sleep, or whenever there is a moment of silence. It sounds annoying, doesn’t it? Therefore, having this app on your phone is a great way to look after your hearing when listening to music you love and prevent you from suffering long-term damage to your hearing.

The app is due to be released soon, but those interested can find out more information about the app by visiting their website, following them on Twitter and liking their page on Facebook.



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