Musical Discovery: ‘Don’t Look Down’ by Martin Garrix feat. Usher

Martin Garrix’s style of electronic music has always been hard for me to like. With tracks such as Wizard and Animals, the main melody is catchy, but the actual chorus is underwhelming and a tad disappointing. However, with Garrix’s latest single involving a collaboration with Usher, the addition of vocals in Don’t Look Back makes this song my favourite track from Garrix so far. 

The track begins with a powerful guitar introduction that is typical of vibrant and euphoric electronic tracks like this. After this, Usher’s vocals are quickly brought in. With Usher lending his vocals to previous dance hits such as Without You (a collaboration with David Guetta) and DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love (a collaboration with Pitball), it’s clear that his singing talents are fitting to this track.

Then comes the bridge, with a powerful drum beat and catchy bass riff leading into a chorus which demonstrates Garrix’s unique style of electronica. Reminiscent of retro video game soundtracks, the ‘exotic’, vibrant and ‘poppy’ synth melodies are similar to that of Animals.

Lastly, with most of the song being colourful and euphoric, there is one section where I feel the transition between verses and choruses don’t quite work. In the verse: Are your hands shaking begins with Usher’s vocals, where some of Garrix’s backing music should be present.

Nevertheless, Don’t Look Back is a euphoric and colourful summer track which, although released in March, will definitely be played over the next few months.

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3 thoughts on “Musical Discovery: ‘Don’t Look Down’ by Martin Garrix feat. Usher

  1. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Martin Garrix! I just love his sound. It doesn’t sound like everybody else’s in the EDM world. It’s unique and there’s not a LOT of that going around I’ve recently found. What gets me the most is how old he is. He’s freaking 19 years old!! Hell, “Animals” came out when he was what, 17 at the time?! Crazy. I kind of want to know what these older DJs that have had to you know deal with dance music being away from the pop charts for YEARS and now somebody as young as him is comin up so fast and everybody loves him! Kind of interesting to see what they think about it.


    • Thanks for commenting! It’s great that you like the song!

      I see what you mean. I’d say they’d be interested in the rise of younger DJs such as Disclosure and Madeon (they are both worth checking out, by the way!), but they’d still hold on to their respected styles. I think dance music is still up in the air in terms of what electronic style is popular – whether it’s a style which is borderline dubstep, or a techno style which Martin Garrix uses, it’s all very different!

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