Writing Update: Openings, Mojos and (Nearly) 1,000 Words

I had started writing ahead of my planned date of last Friday, 19th June, since that would be my first day when I am free from exam pressure. However, for a few more days after that I was struggling to begin. I had the book all planned out and so I knew what the opening scene would be, but I just didn’t know how to write that scene in terms of words. Until finally, after thinking of a few ideas, an opening and first line came to me and I started writing.

Then there also came a point when writing which showed how important it is to read as well as write. After a few paragraphs of the words coming naturally, I felt as though my creativity was stalling, like I wasn’t enjoying it anymore. As I’m someone who loves all forms of creative writing, not enjoying writing my book was a worrying thought! Thankfully, with time on my hands, I returned to the book I’m currently reading, The Cuckoo’s Calling and that kickstarted my imagination – I was able to imagine scenes in my book that I am usually unable to do before.

Lastly, in terms of the statistics I will be posting at the end of these posts, I will only be mentioning the total word count and not chapters. Usually I would be desperate to group my ideas into chapters but that would only take away the fun from writing and make me more likely to give up on the idea. But, speaking of the current word count, I am nearing my first 1,000 words, which is exciting.

Current Word Count: 977 words

As always, I shall keep you posted! Also, if you’re writing a book, let me know in the comments below!



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