Writing Update: Knowing the Ending

In my recent update, I talked about making the last few connections in my plot and creating the plot for ‘the final character’ in my story. Now, the work is still ongoing, but I have the ending of the story planned out.

It’s always reassuring when I have an idea that can span into a second book. Even though I haven’t finished planning the whole of the first book, having the main ideas for the second book helped me to plan the ending for the first book.

However, it took me a while to solve as I had two alternative endings, with different levels of action. But thankfully, like other sections of plot, I was able to find something that connects it all together.

All that is left is the final two main plot points. Once they are sorted, I should be ready to start writing my book on the 18th June – my planned start date when all my exams are out the way.

As always, I shall keep you posted!



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