Musical Discovery: ‘Stole the Show’ by Kygo feat. Parson James

Admittedly, my opinion of Kygo’s style at first was similar to Martin Garrix’s music. All of their songs promise an exciting or laid-back chorus, but the verses or build-ups are too mundane and have nothing exciting. As for Kygo, Firestone and his remix of Younger caught my eye, but it was Stole the Show that caught my eye after I was browsing YouTube.

The song initially starts with a promising drum fill before introducing Parson’s vocals that has a style similar to Aloe Blacc’s soul. Then it isn’t long before the verse develops into a catchy bridge and then Kygo’s relaxed and colourful chorus begins.

Starting with a vibrant flute effect along with backing synths, it is clear that this track continues Kygo’s joyful feel he creates in his singles. A powerful drum beat is then placed before the main melody appears – an electronic and galactic tune that’s euphoric and easy to dance along to.

What do you think of this song? Comment below!


4 thoughts on “Musical Discovery: ‘Stole the Show’ by Kygo feat. Parson James

  1. I’m really liking this song! It’s really catchy, but without being annoying/repetitive. Love Kygo’s voice too!

    Laura x


  2. Its a short song, if the repeated phrase stole the show was less esp the way he pronounce show it gets annoying overtime . Sonf is good for fews listens but then it gets boring.


    • Thanks for commenting – it’s interesting to hear other people’s views!

      I think the repetition helps to make the song catchy and memorable. I also think the melody in the chorus is quite relaxing and ‘tropical’ and I think that’s what makes it interesting and re-playable to me!


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