Writing Update: The Final Character

As mentioned in my previous Writing Update, I’ve got the main plot outline for the main protagonist sorted. However, now comes the tricky task of sorting out the plot for the second character and making sure that their separate plots can be connected.

Fortunately, ideas have been developed and I am slowly getting there. All being well I hope to start writing the book when my exams finish on the 18th June. I shall keep you posted!



4 thoughts on “Writing Update: The Final Character

  1. Plotting is so freaking hard. I very much thing in concepts rather than concrete plots, so making my ideas tangible in a plotline is something I really struggle with. I can do character design and world building for days, but the plot never seems to do my imagined concept justice.

    Katie @ paperbackplanes.blogspot.com


    • Interesting. You’ve just reminded me of a useful resource about character design: ‘100 Questions to Know Your Character Better’ I think it was called… I may give that a try!

      Thanks for commenting!


  2. I’m actually writing a book too and the hardest thing I find is connecting different moments I’ve imagined – I guess filling in the gaps? I should probably start doing story-boarding or something 🙂



    • That’s the exact problem I’m having! The main plot is sorted, but ‘the final character’ needs her plot sorted too. It’s scary because this is the point where I usually give up – which I don’t want to do!

      Thanks for commenting!


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