Writing Update: Connecting the Plot

Admittedly, I’ve left my latest book idea to ‘ferment’ or develop for a little too long. But, with school, exams and revision stopping me from working on it, I did have more important things to deal with and I had to prioritise.

However, now I’m on study leave, school’s finished and I have more time on my hands. So I have balanced the time between revision and breaks, and in the breaks I’ve been working on my book. In particular, I have tried to finish my synopsis and planning. With one character timeline sorted, I now need to work on the protagonist’s timeline, as well as joining up parts of the plot together.

So far, the links in the plot have been made, but creating the pritagonist’s timeline has been difficult. Hopefully I can work on it over the next few weeks as I finish my exams in the middle of June.

As always, I will let you know how I progress…



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