Musical Discovery: ‘Waiting for Love’ by Avicii

After a break from music, Swedish house producer Avicii (real name Tim Bergling) has returned with an uplifting and vibrant track, Waiting for Love.

From the beginning, the track begins with upbeat piano riffs, before Simon Aldred’s (from Cherry Ghost) vocals are introduced along with a powerful, driving drum beat. Shortly afterwards, the chorus is introduced before it builds up to Avicii’s first musical interlude, which is admittedly a bit slow to progress.

However, the first melody has a synth style similar to Martin Garrix, which could explain listeners falsely claiming the song was written and sung by Garrix and John Legend respectively. Despite this, the melody mimics the vocal tune, as well as being mimetic of Avicii’s previous works such as You Make Me and Hey Brother.

Although Bergling may have taken a brief break from music, with his latest return it’s clear that the DJ will be exploring some new avenues in the future, as well as maintaining some of his old, original styles.

Aside from the audio, the video for the lyric video also carries a vibrant and positive feel similar to that of the song. In this video, a dog travels across battlefields searching for his owner who has gone off to fight. The video is an emotional tale about love – quite fitting to the song as a whole.

What do you think of Avicii’s return? Do you like Waiting for Love? Comment below!


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